Funding my Bookmaker Accounts.. What should I use?

There are so many method that you can use in funding your bookmakers, although not all the country permits all of it. You should always check if the payment method you choose is available in your country and if it can support your desired currency. Always choose what best suites you.

Here are the most common types of payment method that most of the bettors and punters  all over the world used in arbitrage betting.

  • Neteller
  • Moneybookers (Skrill)
  • Paypal
  • Debit / Credit Card (Visa or MasterCard)
  • Bank Wire Transfer


In my case I chose Neteller. It is safe, easy to use and at the same time supports all the payment method of my bookmakers.

Generally bookmakers like to give you your winnings back on the same card or through the same method that you deposited. Sometimes you will be asked to provide details to help the online bookmaker comply with money laundering regulations. Please understand that the online bookmakers are not being difficult, they are simply following guidelines to help comply with money laundering regulations.

On my next topic i will show you how to open a Neteller account for your betting needs.

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Happy Arbing!


12 thoughts on “Funding my Bookmaker Accounts.. What should I use?

  1. Caramel Fudge says:

    I also use Neteller for my sports arbing transactions. It is really convenient & easy to use. I like reading your blogs. I’m continuously learning the “arbing” techniques from you.

  2. Jerks25 says:

    Yes I am my neteller to my bookmaker so easy to used thanks the site for be more tips.

  3. PONG20 says:

    Me too! Neteller is so easy to use! Besides the fact that It supports almost all bookies, It’s also safe and reliable. Using Neteller with BestArb makes betting so enjoyable!

    • snowbell says:

      yes right my neteller so easy to use and then any bookmaker can be OK. from the sport book i read this site i thankful the blog. i am learn sport arbitrage.

      • ashh says:

        Yup, me to my neteller is so easy to used from bookmaker and to other bookmaker so nice. thanks to the comment this site i have more learn how to use neteller.

  4. maJACK says:

    i never knew it was that easy. i just might open an account and try this sports arbitrage thing! i’m learning a lot with this blog about online betting. thanks for the posts! keep it up!

  5. if my bookies ran out of funds, will my account be closed? anyone?

  6. onix says:

    This a good for me my negative in bookmaker now is positive because the forum is titch me how arbitrage.

  7. jerks25 says:

    hi to all thanks to the forum how teach me to arbitrage i have more learn to betting.

  8. PepperGoody says:

    Absolutely correct. Neteller is one of the best in terms of online banking.

  9. onix says:

    hi guys i have more experience to arbitrage thanks the forum.

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