The Sports Arbitrage Begginers Guide …. pt.2


Let’s try placing a bet now. After selecting and registering to Bookmakers make sure to deposit first so it is possible to start sports arbitrage.

If that is settled already, all we need to do is look for a possible market to bet on. To make it easier, we will use our Best Arb Sports Arbitrage Analysis System, with this software doing sports arbitrage is much easier and convenient.

Know your sports. If you already selected the sports you want to bet on then we will look for possible market. For example, you are into tennis, then we will look for opposing players with a good price, price is the odds. In Pinnacle sports, Player A has odds of 4.70. Then in Marathonbet, Player B’s odds are 1.42. Now, it’s time to compute. To make it a lot easier, we will use the Best Arb Calculator.

Here’s an example of an arb from Best Arb:

Best Arb Calcu

For example, our total stakes is $100.

Below is the sample computation using Best Arb Calculator:Calcu

For Player A the stakes will be $23, we need to round off the amount so that the bookies will trace that we are doing arbitrage. This is because some bookmakers don’t allow arbitrage betting. With Player B we will place $ 77.

Here’s a sample betting form from Pinnacle:


Click the confirm button to place bet.

pin ok

Here’s a sample betting form from Marathonbet:


Place your bet first, and then click the place bet button.

Doing Sports Arbitrage is easy and convenient with the tools available around us like Best Arb Sports Arbitrage Analysis System. Just know your sports, do some calculations and be extra careful in placing bets. You need to double check the event, event date and the opposing team. Make sure also that the odds match as well as the participants in the event.

Happy Arbing!


18 thoughts on “The Sports Arbitrage Begginers Guide …. pt.2

  1. Kish_Kay says:

    This is interesting. Your blogs about sports arbitrage has helped me a lot. Simple yet full of information. It is very detailed. I’ve already tried Bestarb, and yes, I am fully satisfied with the results I’m getting.

  2. ashh says:

    hi. to all
    This nice of sport arbitrage to help and to guide to bookmaker how to bet of arb to sport.and then use of arb calculator to guide to max bet

  3. kurt9875 says:

    I’ve tried BestArb for a little while now & I’ve always had positive results. It’s easy & very functional.
    I used to bet with other softwares in the past, but it’s less helpful compared to BestArb.
    I doubt any software out there can compete.
    Keep it up!

  4. Cyborg 2.0 says:

    Great. Fantastic. Your software works really good. Now, I can make most of investment. Making a profit has been very easy after I’ve discovered Bestarb.

  5. BetHunter... says:

    its nice to know that there are software like this that helps us bettor’s maximize our arb gives more arb and markets to choose..its simply amazing….!

  6. wax says:

    I agree this is simple and nice for new beginner to help..

  7. SIRturd says:

    this is so easy! even a beginner like me can now play online betting. already made a few bucks with this software. Foolproof!

  8. Sab123 says:

    Hi Guys! I’m a newbie in sports arbitrage and I’ve found this site helpful. I’m interested to try this Bestarb. Does it offer a free trial? How can I purchase one. Thanks so so much.

  9. BetHunter... says:

    any suggestions on how to get this best arb software?

  10. betgeek says:

    BestArb is the best sports betting software out there. Combining simplicity with functionality, it’s easily one of the fastest way to gain profits. Two Thumbs Up!

  11. snowbell says:

    Nice! Glad I’ve found this forum. Helpful for beginner like me.

  12. betgeek says:

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  13. wampum says:

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  14. Luther1000 says:

    Yes, I agree with you. Sports arbing is now easy and convenient than it was before. Thanks to the betting services!

  15. snowbell says:

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  16. onix says:

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  17. Skips says:

    Happy Arbing Indeed!

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